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Beading Glossary (Under Construction)


AB (Aurora Borealis) - The Aurora Borealis effect, commonly known as AB, was originally created by Swarovski working with Christian Dior in 1956. It is a finish made of thin layers of metal that produces a shimmering effect.  Today, many bead manufacturers use this popular effect and it is sometimes also called Rainbow. Aurora Borealis also meand “Northern Lights”

Adhesive - An adhesive is a liquid or semi-liquid substance that may be used in conjunction with two substances to form an adhesion (bond). Other terms would be bead cement or glue.

Amethyst - Amethyst is a semi-precious Violet colored variety of Quartz. The color and appearance from from the presence of iron and manganese during formation. Amethyst is the traditional birthstone for the February. Amethyst is also listed in the Anniversary Stones Gift List as the sixth year gift.

Barrel Clasp – This is a clasp that has two parts that screw together.

Bead Cement - See Adhesives

Bead Cord – Used when making necklaces or bracelets made from beads, pearls, or stone. There are many different materials, strengths, thicknesses, and colors available.

Bicone – A stone that is wide in the middle and comes to 2 points.  It looks like to cones where the bases have come together. 

Glue - See Adhesives

Silk Thread – A thread that is soft to the touch and is tough with little stretch. This is to be used when stringing beads or pearls.